CQ Research Institute

The Institute of Change Quotient Studies is a non-profit organization of the ICT Singapore (International Consulting and Training Center) and a non-academic research institute. Since 2005, after 10 years of market applications, it has integrated the core elements of helping organizations and individuals to make proactive change, innovate and break through. Change Quotient (CQ) program has been proven track record in helping the organization team as well as individual towards sustainability and breakthrough achievements with significant positive effects. In the 21st century, in the face of the ever-changing era, the core competencies in Change Quotient: (1) agile awareness, (2) proactive driving forces, and (3) the ability to respond quickly and effectively to change will become necessity for every individual and person and each organization team.

Change Quotient is the core element of breakthrough to master your own destiny. Change Quotient is not only an assessment of one's own abilities, it also helps individuals, teams and organizations to develop their own keen awareness and initiative to make positive change, with the ability to stand out from the dynamics of change. Change Quotient explains why, how and how to create innovative solutions that address everyday life and business operations, helping you implement innovations, dramatically improving your competitive advantage and breaking performance. Change Quotient is more than just a examination or a training course. Change Quotient is a system that helps individuals and organizations break through. The Change Quotient Training Course has helped more than 10,000 people achieve breakthroughs, and >90% of participants achieved significant positive transformation.

James’s developed Panna’s Wisdom and Participant’s Driven training methods not only touches every participant, his practical and grounded training efforts has helped all his participants made significant positive transformation within short period of time. Many of his participants leapfrog performance, gained their companies’ acknowledgement, promoted shortly and achieved important life transformation. In order to help more people benefit, James Chin is also the master trainer of the UK Certified Professional Trainers Program in Asia Pacific. He has groomed over 1,500 professionals, outstanding trainers, chief people development, HR Management leaders, organization leaders and managers through systemize his deep profound accumulative experiences, and transform their traditional baldness teaching styles into creative teaching technique, to strengthen the practicality of learning and the effectiveness of training.

Over more than 30 years of experience in business and management, as well as 16 years of research and practical results in the market application for Change Quotient (CQ), Mr. James Chin founded the CQ Research Institute in 2019 to consolidate sustainable development and research. Advance with the times, continue to focus on customer needs and changes in the macro-environment for targeted research and curriculum design in training, assessment and system, to help individuals and organizations to maintain sustainable vitality and viability, to achieve breakthroughs.


Let each contact and business team quickly reach a significant and breakthrough positive change


1. To ensure sustainable research and development of Change Quotient

2. To maintain the quality and effectiveness of Change Quotient assessment and training

3. To ensure the intellectual property protection for Change Quotient long term development

4. To ensure the rights protection for Change Quotient’s founders, operators, trainers and partners

5. To promote progress and development of society and humanity, with corporate social responsibilities