The  dynamic of CHANGE in today’s world is no longer the big eat small, it’s the fast that beat slow.

It is directly or indirectly impacting you and your organization.


As the accessibility of information is getting easier and faster, organizations are compelling to response faster than ever in order to keep their competitive advantage and desire business performance.


One or more of the nine parameters are affecting organization performance in one way or another.  

Take a look and see if any of these elements might impacts your business or leading you to opportunities.

1.  change of the customer needs

2.  key competitors are accessing into our market share easier

3.  change of trade barrier and compliance regulation

4.  impact of world economy  

5.  shorter product life cycle due to the technology innovation

6.  demographic shift of the work force

7.  social and consumer perception changes

8.  market place shifting

9.  causes of the natural environment


To achieve desire business performance and sustainable viability, everyone in the organization needs to be innovative, effective and quick in responding to the change from strategies to execution.


In reality many organizations shared with similar questions like,


“What can we do to keep our competitive position?”

“What exactly should we do to make the corporate strategies happen?”

“What else can we do to deliver even higher target on top of the result that we have squeezed our best?”

“Under the pressure of inflation and raising cost, how can we increase business performance and cut cost?”

“While executing new strategies, how can we overcome resistance?” etc. 


Beside nine external driving forces, organizations are also facing changing challenges caused by the internal factors.


Like the Zen saying “No one leg can ever step into the same river”.  At different stages of development, issues that you need to address may change from time to time.  You need everyone to be flexible and willing to changing accordingly.


To help you understand, let us categorize the customers that we have helped in four development stages.



The FOUR different stages of development




There are high potential in growth and opportunities awaits. However, every step you take shall be given clear decision with calculated risk, to ensure leverage on resource full potential.


If you are at this stage, you may focus your energy on optimizing your resources, be innovative to produce better result than competitors, keep every decision at calculated risk and make the plan works.




There are high growth synergies and market penetration at this stage, but at the same time, you may expect high cost and with little short term returns, as there are continuous rapid development and expansion growth investment.


Due to the quick expansion and recruitment of talents, you may focus on solving issues such as cross corporate culture, getting people to adapt change, building team synergy and collaboration.


3rd Stage – HARVEST


Organizations at this stage are cash cowing from their stable business. They have gained adequate market shares and could be leading the industry at the moment. Slow or declined business growth, team staying at the comfort zone.


Your focus at this stage is maximizing business profit by increasing business and
reducing cost. The past formula may not give you different results from what you did. Therefore, you need everyone to be innovative to do things in different
ways and leapfrog from the bottle neck. 


 4th Stage – NEW VENTURE


At this stage, organization would have taken bold action to move them into next higher level. New growth strategies, that includes restructure, merging and acquisition. Integration of corporate cultural diversity, managing change and innovate to lead change for better returns are essential elements.


At this stage, issues that you need to address is helping the people to overcome low morale, attrition, integration of corporate cultural diversity and change management.                                  





To enable sustainable viability of the organization, a 360 degree people development program

is the key that has successfully helped many organizations revitalize their position and achieve desire business performance.


This revitalization program provides an all rounded transformation for people at all levels

(higher, middle and staff). Equip them with the essential competence in responding to the market quickly and effectively, like the physiology of a human being.


For many well-known enterprise managers, in these recent two years, they are not only to ensure the sustainable development, they also need to satisfy the high-level "accelerated" formulated by the target.  


Does your company have the "appropriate" requirements, to break through the bottleneck and get twice the result with half the effort and get rapid development?


Situation is just like one of our customer who were expected to break through the bottleneck and the rapid growth in a large number of absorbed the elite from different backgrounds, found after a performance in the short growing involvement in the management of the complex problem, everyone in the decision-making differences slow down the execution efficiency of a company original, new and old managers more focused on their own interests and performance, collaboration is the contradictions between each other.


General Manager began to find their energy and financial resources drown into not only didn't bring the proportional effect, relative to stir up the ground and cohesion. Talent, on the other hand, gradually left the company after the discovery of his own talent and has failed to being appreciated by the company.


In the end, the company adopted the G2G project transformed from good to great, from thinking and thinking ability, while overhauling management collaboration between the executions. Six months of the learning process not only improved the managers in the high-speed development of the necessary ability, participants in the course of task performance have completed 25% of the company's plan in the growth.


Good to Great Transformation Program is your “Organization’s Accelerate Growth Engine”. It is merely a training course, it is your organization rapid development required essential engine,


(1) to assist you the conditions needed for integration, including common vision, business strategy, innovation, team

     construction optimization collative conditions;


(2) integrate the high-level strategic leadership and management team and implementation team, to achieve efficient

     transmission efficiency;


(3) promoting the strategic implementation of automation, systemization,  successful replication, and sustainable



(4) inspire the team centripetal force, cohesion, active thinking, having shared vision, and efficient execution.


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Why ICT Good to Great Transformation Program successful helped corporates, organizations and individuals elevate from good to great performance and make positive transformation?

Among other things, the Good to Great Transformation Program allows you to…



Result Oriented!


Through work closely with enterprise customers, combined with the organization development goals, connecting the learning outcomes with bottom line results performance. Creating a skilled, competent team to realize the organization’s success within.



Performance Measured!


International accreditation combining corporate clients top bearing certificate, make organization rapid development result validity and pay attention to: gold award, silver, platinum, certified trainer. Assessment based on business results.



Flexible Cater to Your Needs


Program configured in according to the different organizational structure and the role of the participants.


(1) Organization with more mature staffing can choose the

     different level of groups to attend the planners and

     executives modules according to their job requirements


(2) Other larger scale corporation group, utilizing a

     comparatively more economic methods, organization 

     will be certified trainer to perform the different level 

     of G2G courses, after attended the G2G TTT program, 

     organization internal managers/trainers will be 

     teaching ICT authorized licensed G2G programs


(3) Beside, there are quite many companies choose to

     undertake a full range of outsourcing G2G curriculum

     system by ICT Singapore with its focus on business

     development; Or


(4) by ICT Singapore to undertake the three units on the 

     level of planning, and part of the execution of 

     three units authorized internal high potential 

     and/or promoted manager or trainer to replicate.



An Avant-Garde System!


Adopts the model of action learning to promote better results. Interesting and highly interactive workshop learning not only improve learning efficiency, the specific project combining learning with the organization accelerated development needs, group guidance (team coaching), real-life work application of learning with practical assignments. Part of the enlightenment process of intensive comprehension activities will be shot. Can be used as evaluation of leadership purposes. Integrated innovation system in the West and
the East deep profound wisdom, with localization of business model and case studies.





To promote and optimize the organization own learning and development system. For listed companies, large enterprises in the economic effect of mergers and acquisitions or expectations increase learning and development system advantages. Complex enterprise ability, successful mode
and internal competitive advantage. In replicating organization competence curriculum, participants in the program of planning must complete their expertise to design a course as a project tasks.



Streamlined with Continuity


These complete refined module is easier to get busy managers, focusing on organization high-speed development needs, contain study coherence and synergies, it’s merely just an individual skill set or management training course. A lot of customers were entangled with learning completeness and workshop hours. The past experience, three two-day workshop learning is most ideal for most businesses. At the same time, the course in two aspects to promote limits the maximum benefit of the training expenses and the crowd cover.



Double core design combined with the planning level and execution level of ascension, to promote better positive change effect. Overcome haven't action or a planning practitioners in the process of action paralysis due to lack of resources and support. Double core design prompted planners from software and hardware side to create an ideal platform for promoting the development of the acceleration. In combination with practitioners to master the key how to establish effective platform, to achieve the organization accelerate development growth goals.








Good to Great Transformation Program were designed with flexibility to suit with corporations’ different stages of development; applicable to all levels (senior leadership, mid-high management, staff level) and could implement in various collaborative manners.


It has accumulated deep profound knowledge, experiences and feedback from large corporation customers from different industries for the past decades with streamlined and refined modules that suits all corporations and organizations that require accelerate growth for their business and achieve sustainable development.

Among other things, the Good to Great Transformation Program allows you to…


Full RangeOutsourcing to ICTSingapore


Undertaking full range of Good to Great Transformation Curriculum System outsource to ICT Singapore.


We work with you to review and identify your organization,


1.  Integrating organization development needs for entire good

     to great transformation goals


2.  Identify the right candidates to attend the different levels G2G

     curriculums (strategic and execution level)


3.  Provide ICT’s international highly caliber certified professional

     trainers to support in replicate the G2G curriculums at different

     levels for your corporation’s different business units and/or

     functional departments, at different locations


Certified Trainer with Licensed G2GTransformation Program


Organization will be certified trainer to perform the different level of G2G courses, after attended the G2G TTT program,
organization internal managers/trainers will be teaching ICT authorized licensed
G2G programs.


We work with you to,


1.  Involve the senior leadership and/or

     management team to participate at 

     the G2G strategic level programs


2.  Identify 10 to 20 internal trainers to be

     certified by ICT Singapore to perform

     the different level of G2G courses and

     replicate within your corporation’s 

     business units and/or functional 



3.  ICT Singapore offer you licensed 

     program with essential training tools, 

     systems and materials

High Potential Managers to Replicate Executions Level


Having ICT Singapore to undertake the three units on the level of strategic planning program, and part of the execution of three units authorized internal high potential and/or promoted manager or trainer to replicate.


We work with you to,


1.  Involve the senior leadership and/or mid-high management team to

     participate at the G2G strategic level programs


2.  Identify your organization high potential

     managers and/or promoted managers or trainers to attend the G2G

     TTT program, to perform the execution level of G2G courses and

     replicate within your organization non-managerial staffs level


3.  ICT Singapore offer you licensed program with essential training

     tools, systems and materials







·    Acquisition, merging and joint venture

·    Business model changes

·    Competitive advantages declined resulting from external forces such as market and consumer expectation changes, pricing war, profit shrinkage etc

·    Cultural differences in need to establish harmony, understanding and effective communication

·    Establish innovation culture and continuous learning environment

·    Facing bottle neck in sustaining market leadership position, sales and operations performances

·    Internal roadblocks in adopt, adapt and acquire essential elements to lead change such as lack of quality people, an executable and applicable plan, systems and processes

·    Rapid development and growth in need to cope with changes and improve management processes, systems and controls

·    Restructuring of organization, sales and marketing, engineering and

·    Vision to be the industry leader with little know how and strategies to start

·    Developing leadership team and talents within to deal with rapid growth and/or business expansion

·    Facing continuous performance growth challenges and in need to accelerate to gain more market shares

·    Wish to duplicate success model and efforts within organizations, growing internal high potentials and top performers

·    Improve cross-companies and/or, cross-functional collaborations, promoting and practicing corporate culture

·    Dealing with different business development stages and changes wishing the team to lead and execute change smoothly to attain intended results

·    Corporate university to leverage on ICT licensed program for specific targeted people development objectives and duplicate success to its subsidiaries and branches

·    University utilizing ICT licensed program in the CEO classes as practical session and joint certify program

·    Government bodies wish to adopt and acquire innovation methodologies, improve influencing power and practical from good to great leadership for team



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Today, we continues to help corporations, organizations and individuals to gain more freedom, happiness and better results through better learning effectiveness with real-life application, transform from good to great performances.


While traditional training suppliers focus on selling celebrity trainer or sellable products, we leverage a far more effective business model to provide customers’ driven solutions and platform to support our customer’s accelerative and sustainable growth – one that grounded training with real-life application and produce highly effective results.


These days, our business model isn’t just changing the training industry – it’s helping thousands of people transform from good to great and helping organizations improved competitive advantages and sustainable viability.



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