Good leaders lead a good team while great leaders lead a team of great leaders. Organization is require to empower and enhance their leadership team ability and competency to drive further growth and sustainable viability development.


In one of our customer similar situation, they are a very large scale retail chains and distribution company. They have a very capable general manager, with strong ability to act or do. Despite he has achieved double digit turnover for his company' every year, but the company has been immersed in the financial deficit for three years. The general manager couldn’t completely trust his team and avoid entrusted his leadership team, as he feels that his leadership team shall not only focus on performances but also strategically think about the company’s profit.


After our assessment, interestingly we found out the team was in uneven quality of all cultural and beliefs, lack of solid and smooth two-way solid communication, managers felt powerless and helpless with given high pressured goals, pressure were passed on to level down employee, causing high turnover in front line staffing. After adopting the G2G leadership programs, this company turnaround within a year. Breakthrough growth virtually enhanced the company's firm to build a learning organization and continue to grow. Also helped the company in the year to achieve the goal of sunspots.


After the program the general manager handpicked a few successor, built their competitive advantages and opened authorization to grant them with greater responsibility. A year later, general manager said, "Now I realize running business can be easy,and profitable at the same time!"



Benefits and Observable Changes in Our Participants


In our observation and Feedback from the organization, following are some of the observable changes on those participants who has participated in the program: 

·   Take initiative, Automated

·   Take Ownership and Accountability

·   Innovative and Flexibility to Change

·   Better Team Spirit and Work Passion

·   Unity and Loyalty

·   Collaboration



Good to Great Leadership Program


The Good to Great Program enhance from excel in personal leadership to corporations leadership and promoting and practicing corporate culture and core values.


Good to Great Leadership (Part I)


The part I of the good to great leadership is designed to help organization mid-high level managers and leaders to excel in their personal leadership. It involves elements such as,


(1) Personal G2G Leadership

Work smart, G2G model, change the consciousness of the former, integration of elements, deal with differences with organization rapid development and growth, the five personal leadership competency for rapid growth. BLA scenario analysis, create a higher recognition of personal value.


(2) Create Personal Values

Acquire the two layers of deep communication, create greater enterprise value, create a vision, to set up the blueprint, to set up the support member of the group. It also includes creative problem solving and increase team execution effectiveness.


Good to Great Leadership (Part II)


Part II of the good to great leadership guiding and enrolling organization leaders and managers to a wider part of corporation leadership. There are two key elements,


(1) Promote Corporate Culture

The implementation of feedback and guidance, the core culture (more in-depth discussion, to establish and implement), practice innovation (SCAMPER skills  and control risk).


(2) Create Astonish Values
Influence (support and collaboration), construction excellent team (through the guide to build competitive advantage and implementation). Execute implementation plan, understand the human tissues organization concepts with stimulate activities.


Good to Great Leadership (Part III)


Part III of the good to great leadership is to practice corporate culture and core values


(1) Implement Corporate Culture

Implement corporate culture: define the definition of core value and application, build the vision statement, embodies the core value of four link, the innovation and the present value, perceived value, establish innovation committee and responsibilities.


(2) Building Winning Leadership Team 
Enable choices and freedom, a sense of accomplishment reflect core value, we have to win the support and cooperation of influence communication, USES the story, deep listening, asking questions, and guide.








The Good to Great Leadership program comes with three parts. Of which leaders and mid-high management staffs were selected to attend 3 intensive 2 days workshops within 3 to 6 months period, given practical project assignments and coaching session in between the workshops. 


Develop Good to Great Leadership Team


The following is the process of our partnership with corporations and organizations from good to great leadership team.






1.     Result Oriented


Through this Good to Great Leadership Transformation  program, we have help mid-high level management and leadership team to transform from good to great, leapfrog in performances and acquire ability to building winning team.


2.     Comprehensiveness


A team if extraordinary leaders with intelligent minds, harmonize collaborative and unity efforts with established solid shared visions and core values, with the right vehicle, it will lead an organization to achieve their ultimate purpose. These are some essential elements covered within the G2G Leadership program. 


3.     Individual Self-Enlightenment


We provide leadership team challenging and accelerated learning experiences in highly interactive manners and reflective self-enlightenment, connect learning with real-life applicable assignment. 


4.     Identification of Future Successor


Sincere observation feedback on your respective team leadership capabilities and abilities assessment, through further team coaching and mentorship, we facilitate and support organization to further identify their potential successors and talents and their continuous development needs.


5.     Well Recognition by MNC for its success transformation


Essential leadership elements beyond leadership skills, evolve the right attributes, characteristic, behavioral change, visionary and able to view from a higher level perspective etc, this program were adopted and adapted by many large corporations, MNC and successful organization such as BASF, Solvay, Red Atems, Bank of China, Kurita, Philips etc.






Instill Leadership Team’s Proactive Strategic Thinking and Resolved Critical Issues


"Meifu" is a large scale retail chains and distribution companies. His parent company has strong design and production capacity. Although the company has thousands of employees and managers, and the general manager has superior ability to act or do, but he does not trust his team completely and avoid entrusted to the leaders. He is a very hands on person and work more than 16 hours daily. Despite he has achieved double digit turnover for his company' every year, but the company has been immersed in the financial deficit for three years.


The general managers feel that his regional managers or other sales manager shall not only focus on performances, but also think strategically about the company's profits. He also agree that the management team shall be proactive thinking, and must have innovative problem solving and awareness. Therefore, we recommend that the company began to consider our recommendation, to create a learning organization. Focus on breakthrough innovation, establish an autonomy and committed, willing to contribute, and a balanced high-quality team.


During the assessment research that we conducted to all the middle and senior managers who participate in this program, we found an interesting phenomenon: the team was in uneven quality of all cultural and beliefs, regional managers, brand managers and their respective managers using their respective own sets of tools to train their team, which caused customers who visit different flagship store received a large gap between the quality of services.

More deadly is the lack of solid and smooth two-way communication and a shared vision. Despite the general manager formulated goals for the team to accomplish “must fulfill” quota each year, despite pressure stretched tight grip, most managers always felt powerless and helpless, do not have the ability to reach their goal. The only they can do is distribute their pressure to their subordinates. This caused serious liquidity in frontline staff. Although the company has repeatedly introduced marketing courses for frontline sales staff, but staff turnover cause the enterprises to stop the plan.


In this case, we have taken series of process to build the team's competitiveness from the company top to bottom levels. We started approach excellent core management staff to proceed, enhance their coaching skills, training and coaching the successful experiences and effective marketing foundation to more other employees. The general manager were also invited to step into courses to learn together. One of the activities, the general manager is expected to own 80% or more of the time listening to others, however, turned out to be less than 10% from subordinate feedback.


These activities managed to awake the general manager to hear important feedback and information that he had never heard in thepast as no one dared to feedback.


Another regional manager shared how the coaching skills he learned help him to overcome the challenges of the past, such as: he tried many methods to teach team with good intension, but staff thought that he was nagging. He always think that sharing of information is the best way to teach, each time when he want to convey messages to the members, whenever he convening group to guide employees, employees always find a reason to escape, having private conversation, playing messages or doing other thing. "Now I understand that the information content is important, but right methodologies are more important." said the manager.


Some other students also feedback: In the past always, they always went straight to the point to tell how the team should be done and now they can actually use questions to achieve better results. Encourage their employees to find the answer though will spend more time, but the execution is relatively easier, not only for their own employees are proud to generate the answer themselves, but also more willing to be responsible for their own decisions and take the initiative to deal with the problems facing in the process .


Another key customers manager who does not lead any team said: "Her inter-departmental colleague have opinions against her participation in this course." However, after the workshops, she began to listen, ask questions and guide the skills used in consultation with the client, within the same month's performance turned a 1.5 fold. Support of her boss in the face of opinion and therefore smiled and replied: "Although she did not have a team, but the results with 1.5 fold increment is indisputable fact ! " 


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The program just finished without realizing, learned a lot and great case studies. It’s very helpful and beneficial to my work and life. Thank you!


COOC Shanghai Dehui Business Management,

Deputy General Manager, Hansen Hu


It’s very systematic and comprehensive, the well combination and connection of theory and practical helped me to improve my all rounded competencies in coaching and mentoring team.


HRoot Management, General Manager, Tang Qiu Yong


The result of this program is way beyond my initial expectation. One important reason is due to the effective training delivery, as well as the trainer’s quality, professionalism, passion and attributes.


MyJob500, CEO, Chen Min

The program is not only enlighten us on further leadership enhancement, also very importantly have inspire our thinking on day to day business and management. Excellent! Thank you!


CIIC Shanghai Dehui Business Management, General Manager, John Pan


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While most training companies selling their training courses (products), ICT focus on providing customers targeted and specific customized solutions, enabled the organization development sustainable viability and helped people made positive transformation. Through well designed program, valuable assessments, intensive, effective and fun learning deliverables and support learning system platform to nature people development within organization makes positive transformation possible.


Over the decades, we have helped many organizations leapfrog in their growth, saved millions of unnecessary attrition waste and improved team performances and deliverable results. 




Leaders are the drivers of any vehicle that bring along the passengers to the location with all shared the same direction. The competencies and attributes of driver is essential to ensure all dependents are taken care off and follow the instructions.


There are always opportunities to be better and we all believe it could be attained through experience for one enlightenment instead of just knowledge, unless it’s transformed into practical.


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