CQ Enhancement Program

As the market becoming more VUCA*(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) in the new century, team’s ability and effectiveness in dealing with the dynamic of change becoming an essential element to organization’s vitality.

·  V = Volatility. The nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed of change forces and change catalysts.

·  U = Uncertainty. The lack of predictability, the prospects for surprise, and the sense of awareness and understanding 

         of issues and events.

·  C = Complexity. The multiplex of forces, the confounding of issues and the chaos and confusion that surround an 


·  A = Ambiguity. The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-

         effect confusion.

Usually when I talk about Change and Innovation, it sounds mysterious to many people as it’s not easy to understand. They will always asked me what it is all about your teaching? In a simple manner, I’m helping organizational team, managers and leaders about: [1] Why Change? [2] How to Change? And [3] How to lead team to change effectively?

Although it’s well known to everyone that change is the only ways to maintain organization competitive advantages and sustain its development, however, organization leaders are still struggled to figure out new strategies to increase market, economy, policy and technology competitive advantages, as well as in dealing with other challenges due to the environmental factors. Although many people knows that they must change in order to survive and keep their competitive edge, they are still not making any step forward. Concerns such ashow to get over the fear, adjust psychology and behavior during change? How to adapt to changes and move on quickly? How to deal with change more effectively? Any reference points? How to maintain positive and constructive during the midst of change? Etc.

* Stiehm, Judith Hicks and Nicholas W. Townsend (2002). The U.S. Army War College: Military Eductaion in a Democracy. Temple University Press. p. 6. ISBN 1-56639-960-2.

Common Issues & Challenges of Professional Managers

The world is now changing faster than ever before due to the dynamic of change. The dynamic of change in today’s world, it is not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow*. As the accessibility of information is getting easier and faster, organizations are compelling to response faster than ever in order to keep their competitive advantage and desire business performance.

We have done respectable surveys during the past decade conducting consultative training with organizations and corporations, this inclusive but not limited to the senior leadership from CEO level, general managers, mid-high management team, to the lowest level of supervisors. As a result, we found out their common issues. Do allow us to share with you and see if there are any similar challenges that you are facing:-

1.   Substantial Quota Increase

            Racking brains in order to achieve quota,sustain continuous accelerate target.

2.   Economic Fluctuation

            During economy recession, company still expecting continuous and accelerate growth.

3.   Company Restructuring

          Restructuring fasten development and reduce cost, yet affect people’s work and life.

4.   New Regulations and Policies

         New regulations and policies affect business model and impact revenue substantially.

5.   Incremental Customer’s Expectations

      Customer requirements keeping abreast at different times, but initial competitive advantages fade.

6.   Promote New Strategy or System

         Implement new strategies and new system change the way people’s work. Work load increase and unadaptable.

7.   Inspire Team Work Passion

         Team lack of passion and proactiveness, low morale.

8.   Enable Team Active Thinking

         Enable overall perspective as entrepreneur.

9.   Achieve Accelerate Growth

         How to systemize, cultivate successors and achieve accelerate growth.

10.   Challenge in Managing New Generation

           Is it time has changed, or we forgot to change?

11.   Impact of New Technology

            New technology impacts many industries’ business, eg. online store affected the retail business.

12.   The Cost Stress

           How to reduce operating cost in the face of inflation and the stress of market competition.

     13.   Compensation Allocation

           High pay recruit talents during rapid development affected the old staffs psychological balance.

     14.   Decline in Profits

           Profit decline in the face of rat race and market changes, went into “red sea” war.

15.   Satisfying New Leader’s Expectation

             How to fulfill new leader’s needs in the face of rapid change in strategy.

* Jason Jennings, Laurence Haughton, (2002) it’s not the Big that eat the Small… it’s the Fast that eat the Slow: Harper Business. ISBN: 9780066620541

Four Types of Organization's Behaviors

In the choppy markets change, the team's two key elements of Change Quotient (Change Acuity + The Ability in Dealing With Change)determines their vitality and competitive advantages. Nearly 10 years of organization management consulting and training process, we found that the behavior of an organization is closely associated with the above two elements, which can be grouped into four types. Here are some of their characteristics and challenges:-

1.  Low Awareness +  High Proactive Response AbilityThe State of Donkey

     1. Work hard, but didn’t get the responding recognition

      2. Focus on process and neglected result

      3. Living in own world and past achievements, didn’t pay attention to the environmental changes

     4. In the state of busy fire fighting

   5. Closed minded, act blindly, insist on own opinion and perspective

2.  High Awareness +  Low Proactive Response AbilityThe State of Turtle

     1. Aware of a must to change but make slow progress due to carrying heavy emotional baggage

     2. Don’t know how to start, lack of the right innovative thinking methods and tools

     3. Focus on not making mistake, refuse to change, fear of failure,delay change

 4. Team requires strong push, reactive and waiting for instructions

 5. Different opinions hinder the decision making, collaboration and cooperation among cross units and departments

3.   Low Awareness +  Low Proactive Response AbilityThe State of Frog

     1. Self centered, not accountable, conservative and contradictious

      2. Over focus on rules and regulations to stop detrimental to the behavior of organization

     3. Attention to short term benefits, personal returns, low sense of belonging, high talent attrition

     4. Leaders change decisions too frequentlyimpact team’s morale and direction

     5. Team focus on the adaptive system, distorted policy-implementation, lack of proactive thinking

4.   High Awareness +  High Proactive Response Ability     

    The State of Eagle

      1. Possess holistic views, response to changes proactively,  be able to rally multitudes at one's call

            2. Maintain vigilant attentiontowards market changes,  quick response and accountable

       3. Do one’s level best, each member is proactively thinking and highly engaged

      4. Close collaboration among team, good understanding, strong synergy, exploit each advantages to the full

       5. Equipped with right competencies and methodologies to deal with change, ability to inherit to new team 


* The state of four types of animal is only for the benefit of easy remembrance

The Only Constant On Earth Is Change

Water can carry the boat, also can sink it.Cultivate acuity awareness and proactive response ability brings two possibilities:-

1Grasp each favorable advantage during market changes,  promote the growth of an organization and get 

         twice the result with half the effort

2Take necessary measures, preventive and precautions before the storm, turn threats into opportunities

         leading organization to ploughed briskly through the sea, sustain continuous growth and development

Change Quotient promote individual and team to accept the impermanence of life, effectively distinguish the innate character, tolerance and acceptance of difference, jump out of the inertia thinking model, and develop new solutions to new challenges.

Acuity awareness and proactive response ability enable organization to move up to the state of eagle. It represents team contains tough characters and competitive advantages to deal with the market and environmental changes effectively.

The only permanent in the world is change, the environment is in the impermanence status, the team are also in the impermanence status. It’s just like the good habit of brushing your teeth to promote oral health, maintenance of team every member variable system will enhance the competitive advantage, viability and vitality.

3 Essential Elements to Enhance Change Quotient (CQ)

Many organizations have adopted the Change Quotient (CQ) Enhancement Program to achieve the following 3 Essential Elements and they achieved significant effect and great results. 

1. Acuity Awareness: the acuity awareness and alertness on the changing dynamic of the important matters

2. Proactive Response Ability: the initiative and ability to response quickly in dealing with change

3. Lead Team to Change: agile, team work and achieved resonance in dealing with change effectively in the respective 


4 Phases to CQ Enhancement

Four phases of Change Quotient enhancement to sharpen organization's competitive advantages. These five phase of Change Quotient Enhancement Program has successfully helped many organizations breakthrough performances, create differentiated competitive advantages, and achieve from good to great transformation in the past decade. 

1. Change & Innovation

     Maintain acuity awareness towards environmental change, promote the awakening of team

    Promote the team to actively accept and embrace changes and take the initiative to break the thinking of the comfort circle. Through the mastery of innovative thinking and implementation of the method tools, active and effective response to new challenges, to create a breakthrough

2. Influence & Impact

     Promote and boost project collaboration and support

   Promote team work to accept new strategy from the bottom of the heart, and to cooperate and collaborate 


3. Develop Winning Team

     Promote team full engagement

    Awaken the work passion of every team member, elevate full engagement of the entire team, promote team 

    cohesive force, centripetal force and enforce more spontaneous execution.

4. Competent Transfer

     Inherit organization accumulated wisdom, driving effectiveness

    Shorten the opportunity cost of team member’s learning process, transfer competent within quickly and effectively, 

    turn experiences into system.

Remarks: Due to different company has different strategy and basis conditions, requires personalized customization.  For more details please contact ICT business partners.

CQ Enhancement Program Series Courses

CQ Enhancement System help you to make positive transformation from good to great, a system to assist the continuity of the positive change.

1. Top down penetration, helping organization to establish resonance across all levels and consistent driving 

      forces (understand why change)

2. Enable team to master the innovation approach, methodologies and tools (resolve how to change)

3. Provide the support system to transform from good to great, helping organization management team leading 

    team spontaneuously to achieve positive change (lead team how to change)

         Change & Innovation   Influence & Impact    Develop Winning Team    Competent Transfer

8 highlights of CQ Enhancement Program (The differences from other trainings in the market)

1.   Maturity: 

Over a decade surveys, research and development of people development program. The key objectives is to effectively help organization sustain continuous development. This program has been through continuous improvement and recognition by many famous companies. Benefited customers inclusive but not limited to SASAC, Tshing Hua University, HP, GE, Phillips etc.

2.   Comprehensive System:

This program connect high, mid and low levels of employee, cover from strategy to practical area, it means team established consensus and be able to implement change, improvement and breakthrough in more easy and effective manners. It is not just a training course, it’s a people development system that helps organization sharpen their competitive advantages.

3.   Progressive: 

Not like other scattered course, it promotes progressive ability improvement, from individual to team collaboration, and leading team towards positive and effective transformation. Based on the program progress demand, provide the relevant tools and applicable skills for real-life practices.

4.   Coherence: 

It’s well correlative and integrated. The entire enhancement program requires 4-6 months to complete. There is 1-1.5 months interval between each module, to allow participants to implement relevant work task or assignment.

5.   Combined the Eastern Wisdom and the Eastern Science: 

This program turn the comprehensive experiences and arts into easy replicable science, system and toolsIt improves competitive advantages and wisdom enlightenment at the same time. Despite different levels have different learning objectives and different role plays, the core concepts behind helps develop rapport, resonance and top down penetration. 

6.   Specific: 

Localization in accordance to Asian market, organization’s needs. The flexible modular match allows practicality of learning. During the learning process, we offer the common case studies for participants’ discussion, reviews and problem solving.

7.   Result Oriented: 

We uses action-learning model. On top of the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude, through introduction of the essential tools and methodologies, participants may apply their learning to their day-to-day work life, and implement relevant work tasks and assignment to maximize their learning achievements and end results improvement.

8.   Participants dominate progress: 

Proper success measurement  and motivation is introduced. Participants will receive certificate of attendance and achievements based upon their performance results. Documented achievements allows participants to report their progress and result more proactively and receive well recognition. It makes HR easier to supervise and monitor the employee’s learning progress and results. 

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Training Methodologies

p  The program utilizes Action Learning Model to help participants learn these essential skills in an highly interactive ways.  That includes short lecture, case studies, small group discussion, presentation and experiential exercises leading to better enlightenment.

p This learning approach enables many participants benefit beyond intellective understanding, it helps them enlighten and connect to the real world.

p  To enable better connection between classroom learning and real life application, all participants will design executable blueprint and key activities of each sensation to inspire full engagement and turn them into next step action plan for immediate action. 

p  For series program participants, they will be group in small teams for the post training assignment.  A team coaching will be provided during the next session upon return.  This system has proven with relatively good results by most attended organizations over the period of learning.

p Fun learning, well designed tasks and competition improve learning effectiveness and interest. Through experiential learning, participants achieved enlightenment from direct personal experience, it offers significant effects in positive transformation. In the past experience, many participants achieved observable positive change at work and in life right after the program. 


Customer Testimonials

Really thank you for your training, it’s truly enjoyable. The programs have been given our team an impactful results!

-- Prologis Real Estate Logistic China CEO, Mei Zhi Ming 

You provide a differentiated training, using innovative techniques and methodologies. We truly appreciate especially the significant impact to our result performances and positive transformation among the team. This is one of the best training we ever come across.

-- Schneider Electrical China HRM, Helen He 

It’s an excellent training injected with lots of wisdom, lively and special in your unique techniques deliverables. It has helped us to leverage on new concepts and elevated to higher level of learning effectiveness. 

-- Pratt & Whitney (Canada) Electrical Business Development VP, Rita

“It’s an eye opening and complete exceed of expectations. I never attended such a training with highly inspire, practical and interactive with vital positive influential energies. The training has performed effectively and generated intended results, exceeded and far beyond my expectations. This is truly the best training!”

-- FMC Asia-Pacific, Inc. Director, Eileen Wu

“Hi James, I would like to thank you again for the Change & strategic innovation training tailored for us. This is a 1sttraining program for our team and I think it’s a big success. You’ve not only stimulated and inspired us but also gave us a handful of great examples and cases which help us understand some very difficult concepts. I’m looking forward to attend the next program…”   

-- Belron Asia General Manger, Simon Li

It changes my perception of “training = lecture”. You truly influence others to make positive transformation, the real meaningful existence of training. It helps me to know myself better.

-- Alphine (China) Pte. Ltd., Business Strategy Director, Wu Qun

More Customers' Testimonials

Why ICT?

1. R&D Ability

Leading by master trainers with over 20 years of deep profound experiences in management and training. Practical experiences from needs analysis, research and development, curriculums design and training deliveries. Training effects is highly recognized by corporate customers.

2. Proofs of Trainers Cultivation

We have successfully trained and helped over thousands of professional trainers certified and qualified to be outstanding in Asia Pacific. Participants inclusive leaders from famous universities, corporate CEO, VP, directors and senior leadership with deep profound experiences, trainers, and respective industries’ experts.

3. Offer Consultative Training

We offer result oriented training, cater to customize training curriculums based on customer’s needs. We focus on helping organization team and individual to develop innovative solutions to their problems.

4. Asia-Pacific International Background (Singapore Base)

ICT established in 2007, mainly cover Asian market.  We integrate and combine the Western wisdom with the Eastern Science in training designs and deliveries. Helping organizations taking full advantages from organization development and develop people more effectively.

5. Positioning

We are the posterior shield for many training and consulting companies. Support customers to make positive transformation through better R&D, well deigned curriculums and quality training deliveries.

6. Key Products and Services

Focus on comprehensive R&D, design and implementation surrounding change and innovation, inclusive improve individual and organization team’s attitude, direction, thinking, behavior, leading towards effective execution. 

Our Offering Services

Corporate In-house Training

4-6 months practical application, inclusive 5 CQ modules

Organization can purchase individual module, or series program

Taylor-made curriculum design cater to organization’s development needs

Corporate / Mid-large Size Organization Training

Designate mid-high management team to participate in corporate in-house series training program

The remaining entire organization team’s (front liners / lower level employee) training to be conducted  by internal 

    trainers or managers. We offer certified corporate trainer’s program. Organization that participated in this 

    program may acquire ICT authorization of the CQ licensed program, system and copyright to train and 

    implement CQ enhancement programs within their organization. We even support to supervise and evaluate the 

     training quality for the organization.   

“Change Quotient” Certified Professional Trainer Public Program

Individual program, full certification: inclusive copyright and licensed program  materials (facilitator guide, training 

    materials, tools and system, trainee guide)

Opportunity to become ICT Singapore’s partner

Using ICT and ICT partners’ marketing and training platform

Individual CQ certified program 3 days 2 nights (BOOT CAMP)

Cater specific to individual (professionals, managers, leaders, businessman) whom desire to leapfrog, improve 

      performance and make positive transformation at work and in life with easier and quicker manner



Leaders are the drivers of any vehicle that bring along the passengers to the location with all shared the same direction. The competencies and attributes of driver is essential to ensure all dependents are taken care off and follow the instructions.


There are always opportunities to be better and we all believe it could be attained through experience for one enlightenment instead of just knowledge, unless it’s transformed into practical.


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