Training Workshops, Seminars & Conferences


We offer corporations, organizations, government bodies and universities various type of consultative training services, such as,


(1)      Workshop


·        2 to 3 days workshop with maximum 25 packs per workshop

·        short lecture, highly interactive and fun learning

·        combined knowledge, skills, attitude transformation

·        practical and applicable to real-life

·        provide tools, methodology and techniques

·        pre-training need analysis and post-training review


(2)       Seminar


·        2 to 4 hours, to 1 day seminar for executives on overall taste of program and intensive learning, etc

·        Minimum 20 to maximum 100 per seminar

·        Humor, stories sharing highly interactive and fun learning etc


(3)       Business Conference


·       1 to 2 hours speech at conventional events, corporate annual conference for team change awareness, 

        motivations, etc

·       Minimum 50 to maximum 10,000 per conference 

·       Humor, stories sharing, customer’s event’s objective or topic driven, simple games, goals settings, appreciation 

        night etc


 Workshops / Seminars / Conferences





Today, we continues to help corporations, organizations and individuals to gain more freedom, happiness and better results through better learning effectiveness with real-life application, transform from good to great performances.


While traditional training suppliers focus on selling celebrity trainer or sellable products,

we leverage a far more effective business model to provide customers’ driven solutions and platform to support our customer’s accelerative and sustainable growth

– one that grounded training with real-life application and produce highly effective results.


These days, our business model isn’t just changing the training industry – it’s helping thousands of people transform from good to great and helping organizations improved competitive advantages and sustainable viability.



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