We hope that you have obtained some preliminary understanding of what we do

and how we could be of service to you, and your organization.


You might wondering why we were moving from business to the stage, being in very comfortable position,

high income and with great power in business and corporate world, we chose to devote

the remaining of our lives helping more people to make positive transformation.


At different chapter in our lives, we are searching for different things, wealth, fame, power,

health, financial freedom, family, building legacy etc, ultimately, we are searching for our life purpose and values.

We are searching for the right direction in our life and finding the right answers.


Through learning processes, we found our lives purpose, so do our customers, partners and team.

We believe life is a continuous experiential learning. We gain more wisdom, intellectual and emotional quotient through our interactions with others and devoting our time in experiential learning.

We could achieve anything in our lives as long as we have clear vision, and devote our focus energy continuously

to work on it patiently, diligently and persistently.


We tenaciously believe,


If we teach without being learned, it’s a waste of teaching;

If we learned without practicing and real-life application, it’s a waste of learning;

If we practice and get no results, it’s a waste of practicing.


Hence, our ultimate purpose in training is to help others make positive transformation.


 This is how we describe our profession,


“Everyone has a candle within their inner self, some people’s candle has been lit up, while some others still stay in the dark. We are lucky as our candle has been lit up. At this moment, we devote the remaining of our lives to light up more  candles. So that one day just right before the moment when our candles burning to ashes, when we look back, the candles’ light behind us in all around the world is lighting bright. This will leave our footprints with great meaning of life.”


We believe through our collaborative synergies, working on our respective strengths

and collective efforts through our focus energy, we could make things happen and help more people and organizations

to achieve success, happiness and freedom.


We deliberately and certainly looking forward to work with you in helping your organization,

team and customers to transform from good to great.





The following are some of the common feedback and reasons why our customers choose

to work with us in a long term basis and would like to refer us to their partners, suppliers and customers.

Their team is willing to participate in our program repeatedly as you may not see in others.



Seeing Results within Short Period


Organization that went through our transformation programs (usually between 6-12 months) seeing significant improvements in their performances and short period of time (around 3-6 months). This not only applies to overall organizations performance and leaders, also to individual participants.


Total Transformation Solutions


This revitalization program provides an all rounded transformation for people at all levels (higher, middle and staff). Equip them with the essential competence in responding to the market quickly and effectively, like the physiology of a human being. 


This is beyond merely a training course, it is a complete people development program that extend learning even to their day-to-day work, with a duration that last from 6 to 12 months.  At the end of the program, the learning result of the participants will be measured according to their performance over the period of time.


Long Lasting Impact to Participants


Most participants enjoy the benefit of this intensive learning through highly interactive activities  as practical discussion of real life application, hands on practice to get familiarize of the techniques, experiential learning and guardian reflection leading to epiphany, practical assignments, team coaching, execution tools and support system that makes positive transformations possible.


Witness Positive Changes to Participants


Organization that have participated in our revitalize transformation program feedback some observable changes in their team.


·        For leaders, they have achieved outstanding performances and able to lead teams to achieve their goals.


·        For mid-high level managers, they see proactive and initiative, demonstrated accountabilities and ownership, and

         better collaboration with cross functions and all levels.


·       For employee, they see changes in their attitudes, demonstrated better work passion, unity, loyalty and flexibility 

         to change.


Same Programs are New to Refreshers


At different stages of growth or development, you may encounter different perspective and views in life. As this is not like the typical lecture types of program, or focusing on knowledge transfer. It combines knowledge, skills and attitude changes. Through experiential and reflective activities, as well as real-life applicable process, majority of the participants that return for refreshers or continuous learning found that they achieved different realizations and enlightenment. At their different stage of life and development. 


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