One of the key elements to ensure organization sustainable viability  development and rapid development is continuously building team competitive advantages through duplication of same power and efforts.


There are quite many companies choose to undertake a full range of outsourcing G2G licensed curriculum system by ICT Singapore with its focus on business development; Or by ICT Singapore to undertake the three units on the level of planning, and part of the execution of three units authorized internal high potential and/or promoted manager or trainer to replicate.


For large Multi-National Corporations, they utilizing a comparatively more economic methods, organization will be certified trainer by ICT to perform the different level of G2G licensed courses, after attended the G2G licensed program, organization internal managers/trainers will be teaching ICT authorized licensed G2G programs.


These organizations find it the best ways is to select internal experienced, potential successors and high profile managers or leaders to acquire the right methodology, competence and vehicle to build internal team competitive advantages via training, mentoring, coaching and facilitation.


Companies selected this option usually are from much larger corporation, of which (1) they have the resources within to be selected for the replication process; (2) their selected replica team could afford to work on full time for this replication process, travel from one city to another to train the different business units’ team; (3) they have succession planning for the selected high potential replica team on further career development.


These are specialized skillsets and competencies to replicate successes and experiences, transfer significant competences, unleash team full potential and deliver their program in an effective and impactful manner. Companies will select their high potential candidates (10 to 20 packs) together with ICT Singapore and send them to complete the G2G certified licensed program for a 3-6 months period and make full transformation within 12 months with own organization development related practical project assignments prior to final certification.




This program is specially designed to help leaders, managers, technical experts and individual professionals enhance training effectiveness, deliver their program with impact and transfer significant competency through Good to Great Transformation. 


Many participants found the learning that they acquired not only applicable in training classes, it also improves their work effectiveness and day-to-day living such as teaching their co-workers on a one-to-one basis, better interaction with their spouse, children or even their boss. 


Similar program has successfully helped vast number of technical specialists, managers, distinctive trainers, academic professors and people development managers leapfrog.  The beneficial participants and organizations include CitiBank, Rodia Chemical, BASF, SinoChem, Tsinghua University, etc.

It involves 4 key elements,


1.  Introductory training, stimulates the participants active learning, construct powerful start


2.  Organizational design and transmission, visual impact, end, and review feedback


3.  Training, interaction and control energy field, dealing with emergency Q&A


4.  Enterprise development and curriculum design (or modified) localization, creative and active teaching tools and field




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Organizations are to select 10 to 20 high potential managers, successor candidates to complete the certified Good to Great certified licensed program


·     2 to 3 comprehensive development of 2 days workshops for mid-high management level with maximum 20 packs per



·     Step-by-step guidance and a systematic model for knowledge, skills, and methodologies transfer 


·     International Certification by ICT


·     Licensed program and continuous learning support system to ensure corporate sustainable development viability



Establish Organizational Continuous Learning Process

The following is the process of our partnership with corporations and organizations to establish organizational continuous learning effectiveness


  HR Evaluations        Team Assessment      Training Workshop     Projects Submission    Review Results

  CEO Interviews     Select High Potential    Practice & Evaluation   Progressive Report      Certification &  
       Proposal            Licensed Program          Methodologies           Mentorship/Forum           Awards

Program Kick Start    Workshop Scheduling     Program Designs      Online Review  




1. Power of Replication


    A perfect model of duplicate great leaderships, experiences and efforts is to select the right people within the organization with deep profound experiences and well understanding of their organizational culture and challenges, grooming them to be the people development committee, to effectively train, coach and mentor teams and adequately transfer their knowledge, skills and guiding team attitudes. We have success track records in grooming over thousands of internal professional managers/ trainers transformed and continue replica the efforts.


2.  Unique State-of Art Training Techniques


    In most of the organization circumstances, our customers found it very effective and impactful in helping them make changes and sustain development viability applying our accelerated learning (action learning) methodologies 


     Combined training and consulting to maximize effectiveness


     Every training include total training solutions for effective transformation (Knowledge, Skills & Attitude)


     To attained customers’ desirable results, training inclusive of 3 sectors (Needs Assessments & Evaluation, Effective

         Training Delivery; Transformation Support System)


      Fun learning, creativity, relax and practical experimental environment


      Utilization of subconscious mind programming to enhance the learning process


      Provide skills, tools, structures and methodologies to connect learning with real-life application


      Proven transformation support system with coaching helped participants made drastic positive change







Success Breakthrough of Long Saturated Performances


"Zhan Hong" is a subsidiary of an international group. Group's principal activity is to have this subsidiary company to assist other companies’ procurement in China, followed up to ensure the quality and acceptance of documents processed. Although the company plays a nonprofit logistical role, but the company operating costs and more than 200 employees remunerations and bonuses must be earned from servicing the internal customers.

Internally, the company’s excellent performance is the largest company-wide pride, staff performance appraisal standards has achieved an average of 98%. This superior performance means the company has entered the growth saturation. However, from the Group's senior leadership perspective, from a strategic point of view, the company must continue to be maintained at the specified double-digit growth. With the recent challenges in domestic labor costs and operating costs significant increment, with the world financial turmoil, this bi-directional pressure for corporate leaders realized that if appropriate measures are not taken, the company will soon be facing the most severe financial balancing test.


Senior leaders also believe that they must breakthrough the regularity of thinking and comfort zone, the field of vision beyond this, proactive attitude and a sense of crisis has fought to ensure the operating flexibility and sustainability.


In assisting the company from good to great transformation process, we proceed to begin with innovation and change. The first round of two-days training workshop to help managers break the 20 key leadership managers to break through the core thinking patterns and comfort zone. The innovation skills and curriculums are also expanding beyond everyone's thinking in the moment of the original limited thinking. How we found only 2% to perfect a series of saturated conditions to be able to achieve double- digit growth of the program was better than excitement. In fact, some excellent managers has already began to feel depressed with the ease repetitive tasks. New target invisible to everyone vacated the room to grow also give everyone the opportunity to prove their strengths.


With these 20 core staffs gradually completed to build a learning organization process of the three modules, they have begun to expand their team in-depth study of the development. Manager breakthrough and the acquisition of the coaching skills to master quickly ignited enterprise spirit of learning also helps the company to achieve a breakthrough performance in a short time.


In the first group of trainees who have completed the development and learned how to organize the systematic design, the company hopes to further the process, not only having the team leaders to guide their team, but also hoped to transfer valuable experience, knowledge and skills within the company to quickly expand to more employees. We helped this company to ultimately selected 12 meritorious students for their additional four-day training of trainers training, to teach them to expand and efficient training of professional skills. This will not only promote the internal greatly enhance the learning atmosphere, so that we find a new development sustenance and encouragement, but also for the company to save a chunk of training funds.


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The program achievements are much beyond my expectation, it’s very practical. There are many things could be apply at my work. I hope through my continuous practices and work application, I could be as successful as you and it benefits me for my entire life.


                 US Watson Life Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Trainer, Zhong Jian Hua

“I really admire your training delivery style, very professional and sincere. I have seen, met and understand hundreds of training, you are the only one that touches our heart, transform us and able to impact on our career and life.”


Siemens, Training Manager, Liang Yu Li

The greatest benefit of learning is to help us to adjust our attitudes, utilizing the right thoughts model to analyze, enhance self awareness, found own inner values and inline our values with corporations’ values. Learned to be calm during challenges and taking proactive actions to resolve issues. It helps us to made clarity on our vision and establish solid beliefs.


Fudan University Business Management Institute, CEO Class

The training methodology is very lively, practical, comprehensive and reviewed organizations’ inner essential skeleton and key elements. It’s a very interesting and innovative methodologies. The training and coaching content is very fruitful and valuable, highly interactive and fun learning environment. Simple activities made tremendous significant realization. It’s a very good combination of knowledge, theory, games and practical exercises.


Peiking University & Hong Kong Technology University,
CEO Innovation Strategic Class


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While most training companies selling their training courses (products), ICT focus on providing customers targeted and specific customized solutions, enabled the organization development sustainable viability and helped people made positive transformation. Through well designed program, valuable assessments, intensive, effective and fun learning deliverables and support learning system platform to nature people development within organization makes positive transformation possible.


Over the decades, we have helped many organizations leapfrog in their growth, saved millions of unnecessary attrition waste and improved team performances and deliverable results.




Team competitive advantages is part of your organization vital competitive advantages.


Sharpen your team competencies and duplicates the success to build your cutting edge competitive advantages.


Talk to our consultant to find out how you turn your leaders from good to great performances today. 


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