Really thank you for your training, it’s truly enjoyable. The programs have been given our team an impactful results!


Prologis Real Estate Logistic China CEO, Mei Zhi Ming 

You provide a differentiated training, using innovative techniques and methodologies. We truly appreciate especially the significant impact to our result performances and positive transformation among the team. This is one of the best training we ever come across.


Schneider Electrical China HRM, Helen He 

It’s an excellent training injected with lots of wisdom, lively and special in your unique techniques in deliverables. It has helped us to leverage on new concepts and elevated to higher level of learning effectiveness. 


Pratt & Whitney (Canada) Electrical Business Development VP, Rita 

We truly enjoy your training and coaching, it’s fun and creative. Your trainers with deep profound experiences and expertise have helped us to apply learning at work and in life right away in very powerful, effective and practical manner. We hope that many more organizations and people will be benefited from this valuable platform.


Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic Manager, Lily Wong 

Teaching methodology is vivid, specific, comprehensive fully integrated into the intrinsic essence of an organization. Very creative techniques, rich content, fun learning, simple activities helped truthful enlightenment. Programs designed well combined theory with practical.


Peiking University Hong Kong Technology University

CEO Innovation & Change Programs

Your teaching method has been very helpful in fine tuning participants’ attitudes from inside out, to adopt the right thoughts and understanding. Well self-recognition, find own values and to integrate with organizations’ shared visions and core values. Helping in problem solving with calm minds and positive transformation at work. Enabled right determination and efforts, establish right awareness and right concentration at work.


Fusan University Management Institute Senior Leadership Programs 

“Hi James, I would like to thank you again for the Change & strategic innovation training tailored for us. This is a 1st training program for our team and I think it’s a big success. You’ve not only stimulated and inspired us but also gave us a handful of great examples and cases which help us understand some very difficult concepts. I’m looking forward to attend the next program…”   


Belron Asia General Manger, Simon Li

“This  is the best training I have ever attended! Content is complete and comprehensive, equipped with essential tools and the trainer’s is very practical, reliable, focus and friendly. I never come across a training that combined the mind power and wisdom with influential presentation and impact.


Whirlpool APAC Director, Vincent Phoon

“It’s an eye opening and complete exceed of expectations. I never attended such a training with highly inspire, practical and interactive with vital positive influential energies. The training has performed effectively and generated intended results, exceeded and far beyond my expectations. This is truly the best training!”


FMC Asia-Pasific, Inc. Director, Eileen Wu

“Your training is the best I ever come across! I have much benefited from your training, especially learning from your experienced trainer, combined theory and practical in nature, applicable for execution effectiveness.” 


Singapore GIG Education Centre Principal, Lok Kheng Fun

“This is an excellent training. The experiential activities inspired and unleashed my creative thinking and acquire change handling strategies.” 


Jilin Wu Forest Wood Industry Co.Ltd. CEO, Cai Qing Hui 

Thank you very much again in 2008 in Qingdao Haier International Training Center provides exciting program for us, "Overseas Marketing Director presentation skillscourse, to the end of the project this year will be a graduation ceremony, will conduct performance review with trainees, our team gives full of praise for your course, and all learning are still fresh till todate!


Haier, Oversea Marketing Director / Training Manager, Yan Ji Lun 


The program achievements are much beyond my expectation, it’s very practical. There are many things could be apply at my work. I hope through my continuous practices and work application, I could be as successful as you and it benefits me for my entire life. 


  US Watson Life Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Trainer, Zhong Jian Hua

“I really admire your training delivery style, very professional and sincere. I have seen, met and understand hundreds of training, you are the only one that touches our heart, transform us and able to impact on our career and life.” 


Siemens, Training Manager, Liang Yu Li

The greatest benefit of learning is to help us to adjust our attitudes, utilizing the right thoughts model to analyze, enhance self awareness, found own inner values and inline our values with corporations’ values. Learned to be calm during challenges and taking proactive actions to resolve issues. It helps us to made clarity on our vision and establish solid beliefs.


Fudan University Business Management Institute, CEO Class

The training methodology is very lively, practical, comprehensive and reviewed organizations’ inner essential skeleton and key elements. It’s a very interesting and innovative methodologies. The training and coaching content is very fruitful and valuable, highly interactive and fun learning environment. Simple activities made tremendous significant realization. It’s a very good combination of knowledge, theory, games and practical exercises.


Peiking University & Hong Kong Technology University,

CEO Innovation Strategic Class 

“Thanks James for your passion, love and compassion! You are at the highest level of deliverable qualities in the training industry!”


Wall Street English, Senior Corporate Training Manager, Ding Jing Jing 

“This program is not only excellent, it’s awesome! Thank you very much as it’s not only helped us improved our knowledge and competencies, more importantly it has changed a lot of my life perspective at the same time. You have helped me improved my life values and it has long lasting influence to my life! My life become more meaningful.” 


Delphi, China Senior Manager, Sun Xiu Xian

“Touched, excited, fully engaged, the achievements and benefits are non-describable and it helps me to leapfrog!”


Elster Metering, Logistics Manager, Nico 

Everyone needs professional training, as it helps you to achieve better results with half efforts! This program were able to help me enlighten from the deepest of my heart. A highly effective training that brings better result and improve my business developments! It’s the turning point of my life! My performances has increased tremendously after. I will share with all my best friends and make sure they attend it too.


Amway China, Senior Manager, Zhang Ke

The program is highly practical and perfect. Trainers are excellent, confident and with deep profound experiences. They have achieved the highest level of thoughts exchange. It has truly touched me and moved me. It’s highly motivated and engaging. It has helped me in sustaining my business development continuously after, brought in better results. It has also planted positive seeds within every participants deepest heart, that is to help more people to make positive transformation and lit up the soul candles.


Bank of Communications, Branch Manager, Deng Dong Shen

The most influential part of the training is the ability to help people make positive transformation, and not just remain at the knowledge transfer level. The program is customer driven and helped participants to improve. 


Fudan Shanghai Medical Management Co.,

Deputy General Manager, Doctor Cai

It’s exciting, comprehensive knowledge but made easy realization and self-enlightenment. To people like me who has not attend any training before, I truly felt the trainers’ charisma and it has influence my life! It has helped me made significant changes in life.


  Pixelworks Semiconductor, Software Development Manager, Jocelyn Li Yi

The most unique proposition of this program is its practicality that could truly helped others to make positive changes and improved results and effectiveness! I will follow the footsteps, to continue help more people to improve and lighten their minds.


Guangdong Military Hospital, Psychological Doctor, Doctor Huang Ling Hu

Unique training methodologies are exciting, it’s highly beneficial and practical, especially helped on significant communications improvement. I have been communicating in our whole life, only now I realized what is “real” communication!


China Telecom, Marketing & Sale Director, Song Jia Li

Through your training and coaching, I have learned a lot, especially on sustaining our positive mindsets and innovative techniques.


                                          Adidas, China General Manager, Amy Zhang

I have never had such a joyful experience in any of my learning before. However, through attending your program, with the combination of theory and practical techniques, it helped me to accelerate my improvement.       



   Shanghai Famous Restaurant, Executive, Wang Ding Bo

Your training is very lively and professional, engaging and motivating. The program utilizing many stories and case studies and helped to influence all of us, trainer is humor, charisma and with deep profound of experiences. 


Mei Ti Trading Co. Ltd, Cosmetic Business Division, Griffin Guo Yan Fei

It’s very professional training and coaching! Thank you! I look forward to our next leadership workshop!


Shanghai Alcatel, Quality Improvement Director, Anna Li Qin

It’s amazing program! Giving effective methodologies! Thank you once again!


CIIC HR Management Co Ltd, Public Program Manager, Sherry Xie Yin 

Your professionalism and expertise is respectful. It’s unforgettable. Good training, coaching and mentoring.


                      Hong Kong University, Chairman, Zhu Man Qin

The program is well structured and well leading towards realization with comprehensive contents and lively presentation.


 OTI-SDC, Consultant, Dr. Tony Xu Hong Bo 

Thank you James! It’s truly beneficial! Very unique and inspiring! 


CIIC Kumar Market Research Co. Ltd., Director, Vincent Lin You Sheng

Despite refreshing, for the same program, it always well prepared with different perspective realization. James is a role model for me.


Evonik Degussa (China) Investment Co. Ltd.,

Intellectual Property Management Director, Professor Jin Xiu Nan

Thank you for your great contribution! The program is highly beneficial. It’s not only helped me to improve many of my delivery techniques, I’m also now able to design programs for my team and applied what I have learned in the day-to-day work.


CIIC HR Management Consulting, HR Manager, Only Weng Hai Yan


The program is highly beneficial. It’s not just a training course, it combines masterminding of minds and thoughts. It’s inspiring. Thank you very much!


Shanghai CIIC Tecwit Business Management Consulting,
Project Manager, Catheirne Gu Xiao Zhen

Highly passionate and professionalism trainers, not only inspiring and move participants. Well leading and helped all people to complete their mission and goals. As HR profession, I have attended many training programs before. I would say I always learned and received tools but only this time round, I have truly gotten a gold key.


Germany Gemu Valve, HR/Admin Manager, Liu Min

This is the best training that I have ever attended in my life! The program is very well structured and offers professional knowledge and techniques. Trainer is very professional, humor, charisma and skillful. My future is no longer just a dream anymore.


Sobey Digital Technology, HR Manager, Xiong Ke

This is the best training that I have ever attended. Very good case studies and great evaluations on our practices.


Shanghai 1+1 Network Technology Co. Ltd, General Manager, Christine Fu

The leadership program is excellent, fruitful and useful, especially the leadership game that have successfully helped all the participants enlighten! Trainer is a very experienced, strong leadership abilities and appetency.


Beta Industrial Products Trading, General Manager, Lyon Xu

Very well case studies and sharing of experiences. It’s comprehensive and giving me a very good direction. All The Best!


Lucents Alcatel HQ, APAC Director, Hill Deng

Well reflection and inspirations! Excellent trainer! Thanks!


China Eastern Airline, Training Center Customer Service Manager, Susie

High quality techniques, very useful and lively.


Hudson, Finance Manager, Tina Wang

I have attended many trainings before, what have attracted and excite me was the fantastic delivery. James is the best trainer that I have ever me in my life, knowledgeable, connotation, charisma and set as a role model to me.


France Schleifring Group, Wuxi General Manager, Yu Zhi Ming

Long lasting impact. A very well blended of attitudes, positive energy and mindsets. It has inspired me and helped me to improve at work.


Home Inn Hotel Franchise Training Center, Assistant Director, Grace Sun

You have caught my attention at all times for the program and I have much benefited from it. Trainer is very compassion and empathy with unique teaching styles and methodologies.


AECOM, HR Manager, Molly Chen

James abilities in influencing and transforming people is just like the famous liquor that have stored over thousand years, as the program goes deeper, it gets more fruitful and attractive. He is the best trainer that I have ever met, very few that could actually reach this level of delivery.


CIIC Shanghai Talent Consultant,

Managing Director/General Manager, Sun Chang Lin

The program just finished without realizing, learned a lot and great case studies. It’s very helpful and beneficial to my work and life. Thank you!


COOC Shanghai Dehui Business Management,

Deputy General Manager, Hansen Hu

It’s very systematic and comprehensive, the well combination and connection of theory and practical helped me to improve my all rounded competencies in coaching and mentoring team.


HRoot Management, General Manager, Tang Qiu Yong

The result of this program is way beyond my  initial expectation. One important reason is due to the effective training delivery, as well as the trainer’s quality, professionalism, passion and attributes.


MyJob500, CEO, Chen Min 

The program is not only enlighten us on further leadership enhancement, also very importantly have inspire our thinking on day to day business and management. Excellent! Thank you!


CIIC Shanghai Dehui Business Management, General Manager, John Pan

The program’s methodologies and techniques not only helped us on day to day work also works in life. Very well experienced and helped us made positive transformation. Very beneficial!


CIIC HR Management Consulting, IT Director/General Manager, Ma Ning 

Awesome training! It leads us to explore better management level and address the details. It’s very beneficial!


CIIC Sichuan Technical, Managing Director, Ren Jie

This program truly impact me for my thoughts about change, change is inevitable and instead of get changed, we shall take proactive change. Also all the learning is easy applicable at work and life, such as “communication” and “doing the right thing is more important to do things right.” It’s all truly have inspired and helped me in many ways.


Pratt & Whitney Shanghai, General Manager, Song Ji Ye

It’s excellent, awesome and very professional training! Well combine and connect of knowledge and practical, the reflective model is very beneficial. This program has changed my attitude. I have acquired man techniques and very beneficial to me at work.


Ba Wang Personal Care, CEO Assistant/Sale Training Manager, Lv Li

I have learned and realized the challenges that happened at my career, it was due to  communication and lack of listening. This program has enlighten me and helped me to acquire effective communication, the right ways in questioning, listening and it’s awesome and I’m look forward to our next line up program. Thank you!


Pratt & Whitney Shanghai, China General Manager, Li Dong

We are very lucky to have attended your program. It helps me to confirm I have made a right choice. Your program content is very practical and easy to adopt, more importantly, I have learned and touched with these three essential elements in life and at work (1) Continuous professional learning for self improvement (2) Improve self charisma through humor and confidence (3) Equip self with ability for effective communication to establish trust with others. I look forward to many more of your program ahead!              


YiChu LianHua Shopping Mall, Vice President, Julie Zhu

It has deeply inspire and made me realize how to establish solid mission and value for an organization. Identified own strengths and weakness, and improved my professional leadership and communication techniques. Training is comprehensive but easy to adopt, lively and with fruitful case studies, a very high professionalism and international level training.


Guangzhou Business Consulting Co Ltd, Sales Director, Xu Yuan Jin

This is a very unique training with very innovative and unique training techniques. Most importantly, you will see positive transformation and significant improvement in results after the training. You are the best training I have ever attended. 


Schneider Electric, China HR Manager, Helen He

This program has successfully inspire us a different perspective in our organization strategy innovation and thinking. Training is lively, fun and through better understanding of others, leading to effective communication and collaboration. 


Feng Guan M&E (Shenzhen Co. Ltd, Deputy General Manager, Chen Xiu Wen

Innovation is very important to an organization. The most impactful in my learning is acquired the ability to react to changes. Trainer is very experienced, with clear and good concepts and change perspective. Very deep and good impression. Very well and deepening taught of how to transform challenges to opportunities during the global economy crisis.


Lv Kang Yuan Water Treatment, General Manager, Chen Wen Bin

The best influenced and inspired me was the strategy breakthrough in business and management, the case studies are very fruitful.


Hua Li South Technical Co. Ltd, General Manger, Xu Li Hua 

Excellent and highly interactive! I have enlighten in many ways through lively facilitated activities and games, such as how to turn impossible to possible.


Guangdong Hancheng Advocates & Solicitors,

Managing Partner/Layer, Tao Wei Qun

Full marks for the program and trainer. The innovation and change program is very much beneficial., it’s a highly professional training and coaching! The most inspiration part of learning is how to breakthrough business performances.


Ji Li Umbrella (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., General Manager, Shi Wei Li

Very effective! Very fruitful contents, acquired the flexibility and changed concept, leading through innovation and change thinking. Enlightenment through the reflective process for the inspiration of seeing things in two different perspective.


Gao Shi Needle (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Finance Manager, Qi Han Ping 

Innovative, easy, direct and real-life applicable! It’s not only helped organization, but also inspiring  individual’s innovative thinking. 


                                                                                                  Ju Qun Bicycle Accessories, Manager, Lei Zhang Qiang

The most valuable learning is the skeleton and essential elements of innovation. It’s very helpful for organization to transform strategy to practical application. The training and coaching session is fun and relaxing and highly accepted by all participants.


Huali South Technical Co. Ltd. Manager, Wang Sheng Ping

The training technique is very unique, fund with fruitful contents. Very beneficial!


Beijing Chao Yang District Tax Bureau, Officer, Li Yun Fei

Thank you very much for your training, it’s very much beneficial. The training methodology is very unique and helped me to apply at my work and life to produce more effective results.


Pratt & Whitney, China Manager, Chen Peng

Your training is full with passion, enthusiasm and lively. I realize the uniqueness of your training is the comprehensiveness of designs and content and yet delivered in an easy understandable manner. Very professional and inspiring. Well application to work-life and brought effective results! 


Malaysia Datascan, Business Development Director, Lynette Toh

This program helps me to established a very good vision, values and purpose in life with personal values inline with business. Aside of acquiring the essential training techniques that every boss require, it helps me improve in many ways, made clarity in my direction, improve self execution power, communication competencies. It helps significantly in my business development.


Guangzhou Xuan Ming Furnitures Co. Ltd, Managing Director, Deng Bing Zhen

In this program, I have acquired essential skills and tools. The mind control and wisdom gaining through reflective and interactive activities has important impact and positive influence to my entire life ahead. And I realized that the different participants who attended the same program enlighten in different ways and learned things in different manners.


Amway China, Sales & Marketing Director, Liu Zhi Jian

Despite short spending time within the program, it has helped me tremendously in my self improvement, well applicable techniques and real time evaluations resolved my problems. I have doubled my sales immediately after the program.


Bank of Communication, Sales Manager/Training Manager, Chen Wen Xin

This program enhance professionalism better than a MBA course. I hope it helps more people to enlighten, improve the expertise and influential power, increase positive energy and achieve happiness.


Maersk Line Logistic, China Manager, Wang Bin

It’s an amazing and successful training! It provides work life essential practical and applicable techniques and solutions.


Pratt & Whitney, China Manager, Linda Li

I found my direction through this program, I found myself here as well. If I did not attend this training, I’m not sure how much more time I’m gonna waste in my life and keep searching for the right ways. I have achieved a lot and it’s very beneficial in my life and work. I just realize you guys are the teacher that I have been searching all these while in my life. 


                        Head Hunter, HR Director, Gu Ye Quan

The training and coaching uses skeleton and unleash every participants’ full potential. Very passionate, fun, lively, unique training methodologies. I get to know myself, improved myself and established good habits within 21 days and it has changed my life. 


                                                                                       Standard Charted Bank, Key Account Manager, Yang Di Er





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