Effort is not necessarily equal to the good result! "Accelerated Growth" is the ultimate goal of many enterprises. Every investors, shareholders, and bosses wants the enterprise to accelerate growth, achieve financial bottom line, increase the market share and achieve sustainable development. Under this premise, how many companies can smoothly and easily meet the target? This may be a key challenge for every President or General Manager.


In the 21st century enterprise situation is just like in the popular boat, not to advance is to go back! As the world economic fluctuations, market competition and the impact of the height of the external factors, enterprise managers must cope with the environment variables and the internal management problems more effectively, for the enterprise to create more good competitive advantage and sustainable development. 


For many well-known enterprise managers, in these recent two years, they are not only to ensure the sustainable development, they also need to satisfy the high-level "accelerated" formulated by the target.  


Does your company have the "appropriate" requirements, to break through the bottleneck and get twice the result with half the effort and get rapid development?


Situation is just like one of our customer who were expected to break through the bottleneck and the rapid growth in a large number of absorbed the elite from different backgrounds, found after a performance in the short growing involvement in the management of the complex problem, everyone in the decision-making differences slow down the execution efficiency of a company original, new and old managers more focused on their own interests and performance, collaboration is the contradictions between each other. General Manager began to find their energy and financial resources drown into not only didn't bring the proportional effect, relative to stir up the ground and cohesion. Talent, on the other hand, gradually left the company after the discovery of his own talent and has failed to being appreciated by the company. In the end, the company adopted the G2G project transformed from good to great, from thinking and thinking ability, while overhauling management collaboration between the executions. Six months of the learning process not only improved the managers in the high-speed development of the necessary ability, participants in the course of task performance have completed 25% of the company's plan in the growth.


Good to Great Rapid Development Program is your “Organization’s Accelerate Growth Engine”. It is merely a training course, it is your organization rapid development required essential engine,


(1) to assist you the conditions needed for integration, including common  vision, business strategy, innovation, team construction optimization collative conditions; 


(2) integrate the high-level strategic leadership and management team and implementation team, to achieve efficient transmission efficiency;


(3) promoting the strategic implementation of automation, systemization, successful replication, and sustainable development;


(4) inspire the team centripetal force, cohesion, active thinking, having shared vision, and efficient execution.




This program is beyond merely a training course, it is a transformation program that has successfully helped enormous organizations leapfrog performance and achieve their accelerating development strategy, in a more effectively way. 


It utilizing the action learning model, through high interactive classroom learning, the implementation of the actual project, group guidance and support system after class to help students grasp the key ability to accelerate development. According to the status of the organization and requirements, students will take 5-12 months to complete the entire program and projects. This program cover SIX essential elements for organization rapid development,




1. Business model innovation, optimize the existing business model, and shape favorable conditions from the big picture thinking and innovation, encourage organization to accelerate the development of get twice the result with half the effort)


2. Set up excellent culture (establish cohesion, centripetal, go all out and resonance magnetization atmosphere. Prompted a concerted effort to sensitive and the ability to cope with change)


3. Duplicate competitive  advantage (convert the valuable and useful experience for the study and development of the organization system, to promote internal communication and organization ability for the battle)


4. The functional innovation breakthrough (increase team's ability to embrace change and innovation thinking. To master how to continue to improve and solve new problems to promote the efficiency of organization’s operation)


5. Optimize team collaboration (to master how to make organization culture infiltration, becoming the DNA of each employee. To promote unity, team morale, active, positive feedback and well-being)


6. Influencing communication, to master how to effectively communicate with other colleagues are willing to cooperate and support. Promote the top-down transmission and transverse colleagues cooperative work efficiency)


These six elements will promote enterprise from two aspects: planning and execution breakthrough and prompted accelerated the development of the benefit. The first three program units assist the managers to master how to speed up development and to build a solid foundation of getting twice the result with half the effortThe last three program units assist executors to master how to improve team for promoting the development of the accelerated executive force, cohesion and centripetal force.






The program promotes from two advance mutual support level of accelerate development (planning and execution). Each level covers three focus individual modules. Each module is recommended to complete within 1 to 1 1/2 month, each module covers two days (except the “Duplicate Organization Advantages” with three days) of workshop learning, help participants grasp the critical thinking skills and tools.


To help participants achieve specific improvement, every participant will learned the tools and to use it in their own work situation, designing the blueprint for next steps action plan and implementation of the blueprint, enable post training workshop smooth application (see chart 1).


Between workshops, participants will implement tasks specified in the plan within workshop, and adopt to overcome the difficulties in the process of mutual support system after complete training. Back in the second stage of workshop, the trainer will use the first day half a morning for team guidance, and will further cover the essential relevant topics shall participants fail to answer, doubts and/or encounter problems during real life implementation.


 (Chart 1)

Strategy Planning Level (3 modules focus on establish solid foundation and improve team performance’s projects)

 Execution Level (3 modules focus on improving execution effectiveness and individual performance’s projects)




1. Result Oriented


Through the work closely with enterprise customers, combined with the organization development goals, connecting the learning outcomes with bottom line results performance. Creating a skilled, competent team to realize the organization’s success within.


2. An Avant-Garde System

Adopts the model of action learning to promote better results. Interesting and highly interactive workshop learning not only improve learning efficiency, the specific project combining learning with the organization accelerated development needs, group guidance (team coaching), real-life work application of learning with practical assignments. Part of the enlightenment process of intensive comprehension activities will be shot. Can be used as evaluation of leadership purposes. Integrated innovation system in the West and the East deep profound wisdom, with localization of business model and case studies.


3. Flexible

Program configured in according to the different organizational structure and the role of the participants.


(1) One of our customer, the Japanese-owned enterprise managers need not only play the role of strategic planners, also require to execute plans. Through the selection in cultivating in master complete G2G curriculum system, they selected the successor general manager from the suitable candidates within the program


(2) Organization with more mature staffing can choose the different level of groups to attend the planners and executives modules according to their job requirements


(3) Other larger scale corporation group, utilizing a comparatively more economic methods, organization will be certified trainer by ICT to perform the different level of G2G courses, after attended the G2G certified licensed program, organization internal managers/trainers will be teaching ICT authorized licensed G2G programs


(4) Beside, there are quite many companies choose to undertake a full range of outsourcing G2G curriculum system by ICT Singapore with its focus on business development; Or 


(5) by ICT Singapore to undertake the three units on the level of planning, and part of the execution of three units authorized internal high potential and/or promoted manager or trainer to replicate.


4. Performance Measurement and Evaluation

International accreditation combining corporate clients top bearing certificate, make organization rapid development result validity and pay attention to: gold award, silver, platinum, certified trainer. Assessment based on business results.


5. Sustainability

To promote and optimize the organization own learning and development system. For listed companies, large enterprises in the economic effect of mergers and acquisitions or expectations increase learning and development system advantages. Complex enterprise ability, successful mode and internal competitive advantage. In replicating organization competence curriculum, participants in the program of planning must complete their expertise to design a course as a project tasks.


6. Streamlined with Continuity


These complete refined module is easier to get busy managers, focusing on organization high-speed development needs, contain study coherence and synergies, it’s merely just an individual skill set or management training course. A lot of customers were entangled with learning completeness and workshop hours. The past experience, three two-day workshop learning is most ideal for most businesses. At the same time, the course in two aspects to promote limits the maximum benefit of the training expenses and the crowd cover.


7. Integrity

Double core design combined with the planning level and execution level of ascension, to promote better positive change effect. Overcome haven't action or a planning practitioners in the process of action paralysis due to lack of resources and support. Double core design prompted planners from software and hardware side to create an ideal platform for promoting the development of the acceleration. In combination with practitioners to master the key how to establish effective platform, to achieve the organization accelerate development growth goals.






Company “A” is a European Multinational Company in China.  Due to the economy recession in Europe, the company is shifting their business focus to Asia.  Despite the promising market potential, the organization failed to perform as expected after a drastic accelerating expansion over the last 9 months.  


Instead of having better productive work from the group of talents that they recruited from other reputable companies, conflict arise in decision making due to the diverse value, management style and corporate culture they carried. This leads to poor communication between departments as a result of low morale and high attrition.  On top of it, the old managers were upset with the new talents for taking away their advancement opportunity and even worst when they discover the new remuneration package is better than theirs (despite company need to pay more to attract talents from other companies).


Our approach begins by helping everyone to see what was happening from a higher and more objective perspective.  Getting everyone to be mindful of the challenges, be ready to change and identify key activities to create delighted value for their internal customers.  Subsequently, we also helped the organization to convert their corporate culture and core values into individuals. Follow by the essential competence in revitalizing the organization position for the accelerating growth.  


Over the transformation process, these leaders attended 8-days workshop with an interval of one to one and a half month.  Over the break, they will execute the blue print in which they have design in the workshop that align with the organizational strategies and goals.  At the end of the 6th month, with the request of developing a People Development Centre, they were trained and carried up the task of training others, enable the “competency transfer” strategy from the corporate level.  This is to provide better customized solutions to their customers and enable accelerating growth and business performance.


At the end of nine months, the organization achieve an outstanding grow double then they expect.  Along with the positive transformation, the organization further engaged their middle management and team transformation programs with us through building the team competency and enhance the execution effectiveness and efficiency.


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Benefits and Observable Changes in Our Participants


In our observation and Feedback from the organization, following are some of the observable changes on those participants who has participated in the program:

• Take initiative, Automated

• Take Ownership and Accountability

• Innovative and Flexibility to Change

• Better Team Spirit and Work Passion

• Unity and Loyalty

• Collaboration





Really thank you for your training, it’s truly enjoyable. The programs have been given our team an impactful results!


Prologis Real Estate Logistic China CEO, Mei Zhi Ming


You provide a differentiated training, using innovative techniques and methodologies. We truly appreciate especially the significant impact to our result performances and positive transformation among the team. This is one of the best training we ever come across.


Schneider Electrical China HRM, Helen He


It’s an excellent training injected with lots of wisdom, lively and special in your unique techniques in deliverables. It has helped us to leverage on new concepts and elevated to higher level of learning effectiveness.


Pratt & Whitney (Canada) Electrical Business Development VP, Rita


We truly enjoy your training and coaching, it’s fun and creative. Your trainers with dept profound experiences and expertise have helped us to apply learning at work and in life right away in very powerful, effective and practical manner. We hope that many more organizations and people will be benefited from this valuable platform.


Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic Manager, Lily Wong


Teaching methodology is vivid, specific, comprehensive fully integrated into the intrinsic essence of an organization. Very creative techniques, rich content, fun learning, simple activities helped truthful enlightenment. Programs designed well combined theory with practical.


Peiking University Hongkong Technology University
CEO Innovation & Change Programs


Your teaching method has been very helpful in fine tuning participants’ attitudes from inside out, to adopt the right thoughts and understanding. Well self-recognition, find own values and to integrate with organizations’ shared visions and core values. Helping in problem solving with calm minds and positive transformation at work. Enabled right determination and efforts, establish right awareness and right concentration at work.


Fusan University Management Institute Senior Leadership Programs


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While most training companies selling their training courses (products), ICT focus on providing customers targeted and specific customized solutions, enabled the organization development sustainable viability and helped people made positive transformation. Through well designed program, valuable assessments, intensive, effective and fun learning deliverables and support learning system platform to nature people development within organization makes positive transformation possible. 


Over the decades, we have helped many organizations leapfrog in their growth, saved millions of unnecessary attrition waste and improved team performances and deliverable results.




Leaders are the drivers of any vehicle that bring along the passengers to the location with all shared the same direction. The competencies and attributes of driver is essential to ensure all dependents are taken care off and follow the instructions.


There are always opportunities to be better and we all believe it could be attained through experience for one enlightenment instead of just knowledge, unless it’s transformed into practical.


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