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Innovation and Change is one of the key elements for organizations with rapid market changes and development needs.


When we talk about innovation and change, as many business leaders,

HR manager or professional managers will often ask about these two issues of concern :

"What is change management ? ", " Corporate should focus on what change matters? ."


Although we all know that change is the eternal law for a business to remain competitive and sustainable development, however, business leaders and managers always worry about how to find more innovative

and pioneering advantage of strategies to deal with market competition, the economy, new policies,

new technologies and other environmental factors challenge ?


How to effectively implement change? How to adjust the attitude during the change process?

Even more critical is how to help employees to adapt change? How to remain positive, team cohesion,

morale within the midst of change and continue to move forward quickly?


Being in contact with many companies, due to lack of understanding of change, related competencies and techniques, managers often face tremendous challenges. They encountered many setbacks during the rapid development process, such as employees in conflict, team morale, executive power decline , businesses suffered unnecessary losses.


We hope that through this sharing can bring to you about change or innovation has entered

the accelerated development of enterprise transformation friends some key concepts to help you faster, more simple and easier to reach the other side of successful change for rapid growth.


Change is the only constant thing on earth.

Some laws of nature are always worth thinking and learning, as the following story of eagle rebirth.





Some laws of nature are always worth thinking and learning,


The eagle rebirth is truly the best example.
In normal situation, the average life spent of an eagle is about 70 years old.
However, when an eagle live to its peak life of the age of 40, it immediate faces the ordeal of death,

(1)    the eagle’s peck has been continuously growth rapidly and become crook and face feeding restraint as usual

(2)    the eagle’s sharp claw become fragile and lost its ability to hunt for food

(3)    the eagle’s feather become rough and bend inwards, it constrain the flying flexibility

At this point in time, the eagle must make a decision, to live or to die!


A bitter transition process will remain for FIVE months…


First, the eagle will return to its mountain peak cliff,

it will use its peck to knock against the cliff until it falls off.

Waiting after the new peck grown out, the eagle will peck fall its aging claws.

Follow after the new claws grown out,

it will use its new claws to pluck out all its heavy and rough feathers.

 Although these 5 months transition process is painful, it gives the eagle another

30 years of new life and exchange with the freedom of soring high easily.


Does your organization encounter the resemblance?


There are many factors that may prompt you to take change,

Whether you are in the active or passive condition,
This will be a turning point in deciding the future fate!

At this moment, reduce the process of change to a minimum negative impact and shorten the period will maintain your organization vitality and rebuild your competitive advantages quickly and effectively.


Let us explore the eight common elements of rapid development changes and understand further the related change circumstances, characteristic and challenges.


Change Elements


There are eight common change circumstances, characteristic and challenges


(1) Restructuring


Organizational structure or position adjustment (it could be multi levels of structures)

  • urgent need to improve productivity
  • shrinkage of manpower, one person is require to play multiple roles and 
take up multi responsibilities
  • directly or indirectly impact the employee’s remunerations, position and 


(2) Acquisition


Common strategy in the 21st century to enable accelerated growth

  • employee being familiar and accept the new management styles and 
corporate culture
  • differences among initial operating model, pace, management philosophy
and values
  • power, reporting, compliance


(3) Merging or joint venture


Integration of the two organizations with different competitive advantages, different market segments, or industrial upstream and downstream chain for better growth synergies (ie. Manufacture and logistic company buying each other shares) 

  • compliment to each other’s weakness, finding common ground and improve competitive advantages

  • increase company’s scale and market shares 
  • the integration of two companies with different corporate culture is just 
like mixing the oil and water


(4) Transfer of target market


Change of increase target customer groups (ie. From fortune 500 MNC to SME)

  • marketing expenses reduction or transform
  • initial strategy and method may not work for new customers
  • impact employee short term remuneration


(5) Migration


Passive migration or transfer operation from one place to another (ie. from first tier city to second or third tier city)

  • reduce operating and labor cost and expenses
  • migrating following the key customer’s move 
  • domestic government new policy privilege 


(6) Increase of target/quota


The need to rapid multiply of business (ie. new strategy from corporate head quarter)

  • despite current good performance, business growth saturated or stagnant 
for years

  • short of human resources, not easy to recruit the right candidates from market
  • employee is require to adapt to the new policy and strategy quickly 


(7) Change of strategy


Proactive changing of the business and management guideline according to market competition (ie. from product selling to solutions provider)

  • new manner, new performance evaluation indicators
  • aside complete work mission, require to learn quickly during off time
  • new manners may not be able to achieve results as quickly as it was


(8) Impact from external factors


Change of target customers’ expectations and values (ie. from quality to brand) 

  • new innovated products replace the existing industry (ie. cell phone replace pager)

  • existing competitive advantages desalt
  • don’t know where to start facing the decline in profits


What kind of accelerate development or upcoming change that you are currently facing? 





Top 10 Challenges


In one of the survey with 150 middle and high management leaders, we found that managers generally face the following problems during implementation of change process,


1.  Staff feel is the victim and resistance to change

2.  Team to the front frustrated, uncertain

3.  Managers lack of support and action

4.  Convincing win a peer cooperate effectively

5.  The composition of the innovation to develop a series of feasibility

6.  Keep the morale of the team should have and centripetal force

7.  The brain drain and human resource cost of ascension

8.  Instant access to the upper support and resources

9.  New skills shortages affect the execution team

10.  Effectively handle change during the process of problem


What kind of accelerate development or upcoming change that you are currently facing? Within these top ten challenges, which are the top three that you find thorny? If the issues that are bordering you have exceeded these ten challenges, welcome to email us at and share more with us. You will also help us to expand our research and development for the change area to help more people.



Two kinds of common accelerating phenomenon:


(1) companies which maintain good performance reach the bottleneck, looking forward to breakthrough


Hope to add more water into the full container, the enterprise must think out of the box, changing to a larger new container. In this case, the leader can engage top managers in one to two days mastermind workshop to review and brainstorm incremental innovation thinking strategy, business models, services, processes, and management. To create a shared vision, get the staff ready and equipped with new skills, ready to start to change.


(2) business leaders quickly adopted a common decision to change


When "high speed trains suddenly turn at its high speed will cause it derailed. Leaders should speed up the managers and employees pace to adapt to new changes and preparation for change immune prevention.


Critical Change Challenges 


General setback during change process includes,


No Clue - Innovative thinking not only used to develop new products, it could be well apply on management, service concept, business models and other sustainable development area. If organization faces issues in these areas, recommend management could learn and apply innovation techniques through different channels such as books, taking reference from other people’s practices (even other industry), through observation of other field, or bring in training. For reference purpose, in our two days training workshop, we teaches participants to understand the different types of thinking methods, and utilize both left and right brain to develop thoughts for series of innovation techniques, this inclusive individual innovative thoughts expansion tree, the subconscious thinking method that inventor Mr. Edison used, gaining resolution through dreams that the Singer sewing machine inventor used, mastermind innovation mechanism etc. 


Employee Resist New PlanAlthough most organization recognize the benefits of the change process, however, most employee can’t escape from being under the shade of negative and victims throughout. When organization encounter these problems, management is recommended to conduct more coaching and harmonize communication, leading the thoughts of the team to a higher level of consideration, seeing things with bigger views, leading staffs to a big picture thinking with proactive action against change. Management team to continuously respond to different staffs’ reactions to change with different kinds of communication methods, to help staffs to adapt, adjust, tune in and accept the changes is the critical key to success in change management.  


Team Morale Drop Significantly - During change, we would find a common scenario whereby the staffs were worried about the uncertainties ahead. Due to the change in initial goals and sustenance, staffs easily lost and lose their morale. Recommend that the management team to continue establish common shared vision with staffs through effective communications and coaching. During the process of change management, management team is required to conduct close follow up on staffs progress, coach and help staffs or team to accomplish each stages success is the best motivations of all. 


Talent Attrition– While morale and work competency unable to cope with the new environmental change, staffs will encounter tremendous pressure and lead to high turnover of talents. Two psychologist, Mr. M.Csikszentmihalyi and Mr. Csikszentmihalyi (University of Cambridge England 1988 Articles) found out that during the situations whereby organization encounters rapid changes, if staffs are yet to acquire the necessary new skills shall face tremendous pressure and hence impact the staffs’ efficiency (See figure 1 below with the grey area on the left top corner).  


If organization facing these two scenarios, suggest that organization to take considerations from two aspect for improvement:


(1) Eliminates the fears of change through training and coaching management team and staffs how to adapt to change. Normally, we putting them into a 2 days training workshop, through participating in interactive activities, leading management team and staffs to learn and acquire the 3 stages of change (a) Understand Change; (b) Change Awareness; (c) Acquire Change Intelligence (CQ) and all necessary skills to quickly adjust one mindsets and adapt to the change.


(2) Outsource training to training and consulting company or through internal management team, training staffs in execution of new plan’s skills and techniques. For work related skills, normally direct training by superior is the best alternatives. It’s not only improve the team execution competency, it will help to establish trust and cohesion efforts among leaders, managers and team in the tough situations.




Financial Lost – The above scenario impact the financial lost from 2 different aspect:


· Predictable: recruitment fee, head hunting fee, costs within probation period, remuneration from job induction to familiarization, slowdown of production or operations, increment in waste etc.


· Unpredictable: opportunity cost, lost in customers along with staffs departure, work impact to superior during the transition period, team efficiency and effectiveness during team adjustment (breaking in) period etc.


With sufficient advance preparation, most of the financial lost could be escaped.






The benefits of systemize change


Different levels will benefits from the three different change stages,


Organization leaders utilizing the systematic innovative thinking to concentrate observation on few key elements. It helps leaders to improve strategic sensitivity and achieve the intended result with just half of the efforts. Standard change system will allow leaders to rectify and clarify change progress, hence seize the opportunities.


Change committee and management team master with change, having the right way to rectify team morale during change. Smoothly complete mission and performance target through better change communication, training and coaching and innovative problem solving.


Team able to adapt and embrace change with more constructive and positive manner through training and coaching and change immune prevention preparation. Team innovation competence will help all with proactive thinking, develop better competitive advantages, with the immune system and advance preparation through training and coaching, your team will adapt, adopt and embrace change in more positive manner. Team’s ability in innovation techniques will enable them to think proactively and develop whatever others don’t have, and if other had it would be a better product and services, better competitive advantages.


In conclusion, leading change and innovation will prevent organization from unnecessary economy lost, and achieve positive transformation in an easier, more effective and more efficient manners. Through proper planning of change and provide continuous learning opportunity to your team, you will be able to turn around difficulties to your advantages and opportunity to grow.





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